Automatic Door Motors

 Garador Precision

If you want the best performance with super quiet operation, then the Garador Precision is the garage door opener of choice. It effortlessly delivers smooth, reliable door control at the touch of a button. The Garador Precision now comes standard with Tri-Tran+ 128bit advanced multi-frequency technology giving you the confidence and reliability you can expect from Garador.

Plus if you want a even quieter opener, then we can install a optional quiet belt-drive rail, perfect if you have a bedroom or living area located above the garage.

 Garador Focus

The Focus is our entry level garage door opener and has been designed to make your garage automation easy. It offers a reliable garage opener at an economical price. 

It still has all the important features with a 650N DC motor. 

Plus you still get all the convenience, safety and security you expect with a Garador Controll-A-Door opener – Now with Tri-Tran+TM128 Security Technology

 Garador Reflex Roller Door Opener

The Garador Reflex Roller Door Opener continues to set the standard for rolling garage door openers around the world and is designed to suit most types of residential rolling garage doors.

The Reflex's ultra compact side profile that allows reliable installation into almost any limited side-room situation.

The opener features soft start/soft stop, which reduces load and wear on the opener and softens the point of contact when the door finishes closing.

Included with the opener is a pair of stylish and compact four button key ring transmitters which generate over 4.29 trillion trillion random access codes.

 Garador GDO-10 Roller Door Opener

The Garador Toro offers a sophisticated industrial rolling door opener with superior pulling power. It comes standard with a built-in battery back up and a wall mounted LCD control panel that can program a variety of operating modes for your security and safety.

It has all the security and reliability that Garador is famous for and can manage up to 511 TrioCode™ 128-bit secure transmitters.